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UX Research Project


Our team's award-winning research project for Canada's foremost outdoor adventure booking site.

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Site Re-Design

Inner City Bliss

Revamping a non-profit's site, and redesigning the donation experience.

App and Website

Many Hands

A collaborative project designed to provide organization and support to home caregivers for their loved ones.

Full Product Design Learning Case Studies
(Google UX Design Certification)

Responsive Database Website


A website for parents designed to help them compare schools by location, ratings, and more.

Mobile App

Zola Theater

Mobile ticketing app designed from research to high fidelity mockups.

UX Snacks: Small design projects with UX in mind.

Figma game that is by far the most popular page on my site. Pixel art created in Adobe AI.
Mushroom toxicity data viz project that got me banned from  r/dataisbeautiful!
Image by Lucas van Oort
UX in Education: designing materials for children with dyscalculia.

Journalism and other projects


Community Journalism

I was honored to be a part of the 2015 cohort of Oakland Voices, a community journalism project that gave me great opportunities to meet the people of my community-- from the mayor to kids on the playground! Our group was so inspired we decided to form an alumni organization, and several of us continue to write for various publications in the Bay Area.

This gave me confidence in conducting research, interviews, and working with a passionate group of people who really care about making the world a better place. This is partially why I specialize in non-profits: I do my best work for those I know will make a difference.

Thanks to the folks at the Maynard Institute, myself and a few others were asked to panel at the Kettering Institute in 2016 to discuss the role of journalism in a democratic society. 

mushroom hunters journal on table with plant

Mushroom Hunter's Journal

Published 2021

This project was a labor of love. I am an avid mushroom hunter, and I wanted to create a journal to record my findings, using metadata such as elevation, time of year, etc. that can't be conveyed by simply taking a photo. Oftentimes I would have no cell signal, so using an app just wouldn't work!

 I created sections to help identify common edible mushrooms, as well as their poisonous lookalikes for quick checks in the field.

Tools used: Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

James Webb Space Telescope Infographic

Published 2022

This project was part of a way for me to practice technical researchdata visualization and technical rendering skills

I learned a lot about presenting technical information in a clear and informative way.

This was a project for print, but if given the chance to do it all over, I would like to try it as a motion graphic.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

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