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UX Projects

Design Process

My approach to creating a great product roughly follows the Design Thinking pattern of Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test- but I often find that these steps can blur together, and the process is never that linear. It's a lot like making tea: you need lots of little adjustments while you drink a pot to make it just right.


Steep the Tea: Research

Empathize with users and define the problem space.

Matcha Tea

Pour the Tea: Generate

Ideate solutions, wireframe, and design.

Coffee Break

Drink the Tea: Testing

Test, redesign, and prepare to handoff.

Case Studies

Website Redesign

Total Wafer Systems

Updating a semiconductor manufacturing company's website in a highly visible economic climate.

yervana mockup.png
UX Research Project


Our team's award-winning research project for Canada's foremost outdoor adventure booking site.

Copy of ICB mock.png
Site Re-Design

Inner City Bliss

Revamping a non-profit's site, and redesigning the donation experience.

Asset 1_edited.png
App and Website

Many Hands

A collaborative project designed to provide organization and support to home caregivers for their loved ones.

Responsive Database Website


A website for parents designed to help them compare schools by location, ratings, and more.

UX Snacks

Not quite case studies, but smaller projects with UX in mind.

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