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Who I am

I’m optimistic about creating an environment that everyone can thrive in, using the tools of technology. In my experience, a good knowledge base and a lot of common sense are the foundation to problem-solving creatively. 

  • I've spent the last year honing my skills in UX and UI design, learning tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Miro, and many others, along with research methods that give great insights.

  • My recent experience as a Special Education Specialist gave me insight into what cognitive load is, and how to it impacts the way we take in information. By meeting them where they were at, my students improved their reading scores by an average of 20%!


  • As a community journalist with Oakland Voices, I learned a journalistic approach to research, interviewing, and clear writing.


  • I worked my way up from CAD-based production to graphic design, which taught me the value of making everything clean and ready for the next people down the line.

So that's me: a designer and educator with a passion for working collaboratively. I'm deeply curious about how our collective stories shape our world, and I love helping a team come together to create something great.


It all starts at the kitchen table.


Work History

Freelance UX/Design, 2022-Present

UX Research and Design

Create and conduct research plans, including leading a UXR research team, analyze and present findings to stakeholders, create mockups and prototypes, execute design on various builder platforms.

  • Designed and executed a research plan for a team of 3 researchers, leading to an award-winning presentation featuring 20+ engagement increasing recommendations.

  • Develop and obtain data insights by writing surveys, conducting usability testing, analyzing results, and applying insights.

  • Increase user engagement and customer conversion by providing research-backed insights and recommendations, average 24% increase conversion.

Oakland Unified School District, 2017-2022

Inclusion Specialist for Special Education (ISSSE).

Instructed elementary-aged children in small groups and one-on-one to improve reading and math skills, in coordination with Individualized Education Plans and traditional instruction.

  • Improved readers’ test scores by 20% over the course of one learning year.

  • Designed and instructed 200 hours of lessons yearly based on research- backed ideology.

Imperial Headwear, 2001-2011

Graphic Designer

Created product design files in a high-volume manufacturing setting as a color coordinator, CAD-based digitizer, and graphic designer. 


  • Designed and formatted 20-25 custom art packages weekly for high-end clientele such as the USGA, St. Andrews, PGA, LPGA, US Open, Sandals, Four Seasons.

  • Created and templated vector graphics for overseas production, leading to increased product sales at 34% over 18 months.

  • Trained staff in new software systems.

  • Successfully led interdepartmental meetings streamlining design and production,  increasing efficiency by 29%.


  • CAD-based machine programming

  • Beta tester for PULSE software

  • Led interdepartmental design reviews, ensuring quality file hygene for overseas production.

  • Colorado College, B.A. in Art

  • Google/Coursera, UX Design Certification.

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I asked my friends and employers to say nice things about me:

I'm passionate about:

"Being creative and bringing art and design into your environment."


I value:

"Humor, straight shooters, knowledge, curiosity"

My strengths:

"Taking a thoughtful approach to solving problems."

"Not afraid to be wrong and learning from errors."

"Collaboration, empathy, and working efficiently to get the job done."

What makes me stand out:

"Grounded, smart and cool, and a little dark."

"Breadth of trivial knowledge (liberal arts style, you know), fearless of color."


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